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SeaApple Aquarium Lab 2018.5.0

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SeaApple Aquarium Lab 2018.0.0

SeaApple Aquarium Lab是一款鱼缸水质检测软件,通过简单的数据入口可以简单的模拟出水质的情况,让你实时监控鱼缸水质。

Aquarium Lab将帮您保持水族馆的环境健康:
监视水族馆的读数: pH, 温度, 钙含量, 碱浓度...
跟踪水族馆中的生物,包括鱼, 珊瑚, 植物和无脊椎动物

SeaApple Aquarium Lab 2018.x | 9.8 Mb

Aquarium Lab allows you to keep track of you aquarium like a scientist, no degree needed. The program is built for easy data entry, and supports multiple fresh and saltwater aquariums simultaneously. Aquarium Lab Aquarium Lab is a complete aquarium tracking software package, that will help you maintain healthy aquarium conditions.

Properly monitoring and maintained aquarium conditions can lead to a truly beautiful and healthy aquarium. Aquarium Lab makes it easier for you record and analyze many aquarium parameters:

The program encourages you to record water quality parameters, by making this information easy to Be entered. The program then does the calculations and graphing for you automatically making it easy for You to interpret test kit results, and analyze your aquarium water chemistry. You can log and graph 21 different chemicals, including pH, Temperature, Alkalinity, Ammonia, and Calcium. You can also schedule partial water changes and observe how much wastes remain at the end of the water change.

Aquarium Lab encourages you to keep a profile of each living Fish, Coral, Plant and Invertebrate in your tank. Including a photo, date purchased and dietary habits. The program supports multiple fresh and saltwater aquariums simultaneously. Detailed reports are generated in html format.

Aquarium Lab encourages you to enter the aquarium's physical measurements. The program then calculates the aquariums weight and volume.

Aquarium Lab encourages you to record the price of all your aquarium purchases. The program then calculates for you the total worth of your aquarium and breaks it down by several different categories. Detailed expense reports are generated in html format, which can be printed

Electrical Costs
Aquarium Lab encourages you to enter the wattage of your aquarium devices. The program then automatically calculates power consumption and Costs of operating the device for 1 day, 1 month and 1 year. For each one of your aquariums find out how much it costs to operate the pumps, lights, and electric devices.

Operating System: Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10

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