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creativeLIVE – Building Infographics in Illustrator

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creativeLIVE – Building Infographics in Illustrator

Infographics are a powerful way to tell stories and simplify complex information and Adobe Illustrator is the industry standard software for creating the infographics that stand out from the crowd. Join Jason Hoppe and CreativeLive for an introduction to creating powerful compelling infographics.
This course will give you the skills you need to use Illustrator like a pro – no art skills required. Youll create icons using Illustrators basic shapes fills strokes and textures. Youll learn how to build a wireframe for your layout and how to develop that wireframe into a finished infographic. Youll explore the process of building editing and transforming icons and graphics from start to finish. Be experimenting with Adobe Kuler youll learn which colors set the right mood and tone for your infographic. Youll also explore typography and learn how to choose easy-to-read fonts and typefaces that make a statement and tie ideas together.
By the end of this course youll know everything there is to know about using Illustrator to create infographics that engage others share information and tell stories.

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  1. 谢谢这种东西很是需要!!就是E文比较吃力些
    wheiway4年前 (2014-07-22)
  2. 翻译: 信息图形可以把你要表达的内容简单化,而AI一种工业标准的软件,创建信息图形更是它的拿手绝活。本期CreativeLive介绍了怎么创建出色的信息图形。无需艺术知识,你也可以像专家那样使用AI。使用基本形状,填充,笔触,纹理建立图标,怎么创建布局框架,然后慢慢地变成最终的信息图形。 你会看到整个过程。使用Adobe Kuler建立自己的色彩符合自己的信息图形的需要。怎么选择合适字体。
    konichiha(特殊组-翻译)4年前 (2014-07-21)