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Commercial Photography: From Start to Finish

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Commercial Photography From Start to Finish with Joel GrimesCommercial Photography: From Start to Finish
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Commercial photography can be a lucrative and artistically fulfilling way to earn a living as a photographer. Learn what it takes to break into the commercial market and create impressive and imaginative work from industry veteran, Joel Grimes.

If you want to attract commercial clients, your existing body of work must have a sophisticated and distinct voice. Joel will coach you through the experience of establishing your own unique voice and show you how to bring it to life through six photo shoots and their corresponding edits. Joel will demonstrate one-light fashion and concept shoots and take you back to the desk to composite and polish them. You’ll also see Joel shooting product and portrait photos using a more elaborate set-up. This course will also cover the business of bidding for commercial work, effective negotiation tactics and final delivery.If you are ready to break into commercial photography or up your client game, you won’t want to miss this complete guide to shooting, editing and delivering commercial work.


Course Description
Session 1 (15 Videos)

Segment 1 - 13 Pre-Show

Segment 1 - Ten Things That Spell Disaster for a Photographer P1

Segment 2 - Ten Things That Spell Disaster for a Photographer P2

Segment 3 - Ten Things You Need to Know about Branding

Free Preview: Shoot: One Side Light Beauty Shot Part 1

Segment 5 - Shoot: One Side Light Beauty Shot Part 2

Segment 6 - Shoot: One Overhead Light Headshot

Segment 7 - Shoot: Edgy Three Light Setup Part 1

Segement 8 - Shoot: Edgy Three Light Setup Part 2

Segment 9 - Shoot: High Fashion with Cross Light

Segment 10 - Lighting Q&A

Segment 11 - Compositing Fashion Shoot Part 1

Segment 12 - Compositing Fashion Shoot Part 2

Segment 13 - Recap with Q&A

Segment 1 - 13 Wrap-Up

Session 2 (14 Videos)

Segment 14 - 25 Pre-Show

Segment 14 - Understanding the Bidding Process

Segment 15 - The Art of Negotiation

Segment 16 - Money vs Art

Segment 17 - Shoot: Harley Man with Three Light Setup

Segment 18 - Shoot: Harley Man with One Light Setup

Segment 19 - Shoot: Capturing Athletic Intensity

Segment 20 - Shoot: Capturing Atlethic Movement

Segment 21 - Shoot: Athletic Portrait

Segment 22 - HDR Backgrounds

Segment 23 - Compositing Harley Man

Segment 24 - Compositing Athlete

Segment 25 - Retouching Q&A

Segment 14 - 25 Wrap-Up

Session 3 (13 Videos)

Segment 26 - 36 Pre-Show

Segment 26 - So You Want to Make a Living

Segment 27 - The Reality of Making a Living as a Photographer

Segment 28 - The Road to Becoming Pro

Segment 29 - Shoot: One Speedlite Beauty Shot

Segment 30 - Shoot: Three Light Beauty Shot

Segment 31 - Shoot: Blown Out Beauty Shot

Segment 32 - Shoot: Steampunk with Crosslight

Segment 33 - Shoot: Steampunk with Three Lights

Segment 34 - Compositing Steampunk Shoot Part 1

Segment 35 - Compositing Steampunk Shoot Part 2

Segment 36 - Compositing Blown Out Beauty Shoot

Segment 26 - 36 Wrap-Up

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  1. 翻译: 作为一名摄影师,商业摄影是很合算的,从艺术角度考虑也可以实现自己的抱负。那么来看看资深专家Joel Grimes的教程, 看看是怎么投身于商业市场,创造出印象深刻的作品。 如果你想吸引你的客户,你的合作对象必须有很好的表达能力。Joel 会教你如何实现这一点,还通过拍摄六张照片以 及相关的编辑加以说明。他演示了one-light的流行方式和理念拍摄,然后进行合成和修饰。你还会看到大师的作品和 精心制作的人像摄影集。 教程还谈到商业的竞标,谈判和最后的交付。准备好了吗,不要错过这门课程!
    konichiha(特殊组-翻译)4年前 (2014-07-22)