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Aarus Awakening v2.0-PROPHET

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在快速发展的数字时代,游戏设计师手绘游戏场景,再通过电脑软件进行上色,这样的制作过程是很少见的。不过,少不代表没有,Lumenox Games 的 2D 动作过关新作《阿鲁的觉醒 Aaru's Awakening》即采用这种方式,非常抓人眼球。本作将会优先登陆 PC、Mac 和家用机平台,之后才会登陆安卓和 iOS。


Description: Aaru’s Awakening is a hand-drawn, fast-paced 2D action platformer. The game puts players in charge of Aaru, a mythical creature with two unique abilities teleportation and charging. He uses these abilities as he travels through the dangerous world of Lumenox to defeat an evil entity. These two abilities are at the heart of every level design throughout the game, to make for a challenging and fluid experience. The levels require players to make split second decisions whilst completing fast-paced puzzles.

Players control Aaru, tasked by his master to destroy the temples devoted to the world’s other deities. His tale, told through a storybook narration, is one about the trappings of faith, subservience, and the necessity of questioning authority. The plot is unremarkable and straightforward, serving up enough to establish the world of Lumenox and the character of Aaru, but little else.

The game presents a 2D platforming style of play with an emphasis on challenging level design. Aaru can run left or right, jump, and employ an air-dash in any direction, but what makes him truly special is his teleportation ability. This is performed by firing a ball of light into the environment, acting as a targeting beacon Aaru can instantly move to. Like the air-dash, this teleportation ball can be fired at any angle and can also be charged up to increase its velocity. The ball is also a physical object that will bounce off surfaces and be destroyed by nearly anything which would also injure or kill Aaru.

These properties of the teleport ball open up vast possibilities that the game’s environments take full advantage of. To be successful, players will have to learn to use the ball in a variety of ways, such as firing it through tiny corridors Aaru is too large to pass, using it to keep aloft over lengthy stretches of deadly spikes, even applying it as a weapon by teleporting into enemies. By the mid-point of the game, maneuvers which require precise application of all three of Aaru’s abilities become commonplace with little room for error.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Publisher: Lumenox ehf
Developer: Lumenox ehf

Release Name: Aarus.Awakening.v2.0-PROPHET
Size: 552,06 MB

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