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PilotEdit 11.9.0 Multilingual + Portable

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PilotEdit 9.0.0 Multilingual (x86/x64)

PilotEdit是一个方便和可靠的文件编辑器,旨在帮助用户执行脚本,提取字符串和编辑大型文件。 PilotEdit是一个文件编辑器,可以帮助你搜索和替换多行文字,编辑FTP文件甚至是下载和上传的FTP文件和目录。 用PilotEdit文件编辑只是变得更容易。

PilotEdit是支持开放文件大于4GB的一种先进的文本和十六进制编辑器。 它提供了可自定义的语法和关键字高亮,高级搜索和替换操作,自动文本编码,256位AES加密/解密,以及一个内置的FTP客户端,您可以打开,编辑和从FTP服务器直接上传文件到/。

除了标准的文本编辑功能,PilotEdit可以比较和合并两个文件大于100MB。 此外,您可以排序,查找/删除重复的行,并收集了字符串的文件大于1GB。

PilotEdit 10.x Multilingual (x86/x64) | 18.2 Mb

PilotEdit is a handy and reliable file editor designed to help users to execute scripts, extract strings and edit large files. PilotEdit is a file editor that will help you search and replace multi line text, edit FTP files or even download and upload FTP files and directories. With PilotEdit file editing just became easier.

PilotEdit is an advanced text and hex editor that supports opening of files larger than 4GB. It offers customizable syntax and keyword highlighting, advanced search and replace operations, automatic text encoding, 256-bit AES encryption/decryption, and a built-in FTP client lets you open, edit and upload files directly to/from an FTP server.

In addition to standard text editing features, PilotEdit can compare and merge two files larger than 100MB. In addition, you can sort, find/remove duplicated lines and collect strings over a file larger than 1GB.

Here are some key features of "PilotEdit":
-The file size supported by PilotEdit is unlimited.
-PilotEdit only uses a little memory even you open a big file.
-ANSI, UTF-8, UTF-16 and UTF-16 big endian files are fully supported by PilotEdit. You may also change a file's encoding with PilotEdit easily.
-DOS, UNIX file support. When you copy/paste text, PilotEdit will adjust text encoding automatically.
-Self-defined file types and key words high-lightening.
-The user interface of HEX mode is as friendly as text mode.
-Column mode.
-Endless undo/redo. You may undo/redo your operations even after you switch between text mode and HEX mode.
-Word wrap enable you to view long lines within one page.
-PilotEdit provides a friendly interface for editing FTP files. You can also download/upload FTP files and directories with PilotEdit.
-Searching and replacing multi-line text has become so easy with PilotEdit.
-You may compare two files or two directories with PilotEdit.
-Self-defined string table enable you to add a pre-defined text by just one click.
-Regular expression has made search and replacement much more powerful.
-You may define some operations in a script file and execute this script file so that you don't need to repeat your work day after day.
-Find/remove duplicated lines
-String collection
-Find/replace in multiple directories

Home Page - http://www.pilotedit.com/

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PilotEdit.11.9.0.Portable.rar: https://u7940988.ctfile.com/fs/7940988-300627198
PilotEdit.11.9.0.rar: https://u7940988.ctfile.com/fs/7940988-300627267

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PilotEdit.11.8.0.Portable.rar: https://u7940988.ctfile.com/fs/7940988-296874645
PilotEdit.11.8.0.rar: https://u7940988.ctfile.com/fs/7940988-296874552

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PilotEdit.11.7.0.Portable.rar: https://u7940988.ctfile.com/fs/7940988-294321100
PilotEdit.11.7.0.rar: https://u7940988.ctfile.com/fs/7940988-294321085

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  1. 这个软件的破解一直存在各种问题,要么打开出错,编辑出错或者储存出错,winXP win7 x86 x64等等全测试过了,没一个能正常使用,暂时只能用lite免费版了...
    AdaWong2年前 (2016-07-06)
  2. 软件可以打开, 但没法使用, 开始编辑程序就报错
    howdoyoudoooo2年前 (2016-05-21)