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InventorCAM 2018 SP1 for Autodesk Inventor x64

InventorCAM 2018 正式发布!

InventorCAM无缝集成于Autodesk Inventor,为CNC编程提供最佳的CAM解决方案


  • 工作在现有的CAD系统:无缝集成于Autodesk Inventor
  • 与Inventor的模型完全相关联:设计发生改变,相应的刀路也会自动更新。
  • 消除导入/导出的挑战:节省大量的时间和避免错误
  • 让你快速掌握:极短的学习周期,因为你已经熟悉Inventor的界面,SolidCAM与Inventor的界面相似,并运行在Inventor中
  • 获得全部画面:SolidCAM在CAD装配工作模式下以图形方式显示夹具、刀具虎钳的模拟仿真


  • 认证:自从2005年InventorCAM就被Autodesk Inventor认证为CAM合作伙伴
  • InventorCAM伴随着你成长:InventorCAM扩展性非常强,并支持全部CNC机床的应用
  • InventorCAM让您用最少的钱办最多的事:无缝集成的CAD/CAM解决方案- Inventor + InventorCAM更具有价格优势

InventorCAM 2018 SPX (x64) Multilingual | 3.6 Gb

InventorCAM is an Integrated CAM for Autodesk® Inventor® and it revolutionizes CNC milling with its unique iMachining technology - saving 70% and more in machining time and dramatically extending the cutting tools life.

InventorCAM is seamlessly integrated in Inventor and has full toolpath associativity to the Inventor model. The tight integration with Inventor streamlines the design-to-production life cycle.

The InventorCAM iMachining technology provides immense savings and increased efficiency in your CNC milling operations. The patented iMachining is completely unique both in its toolpath and its Technology Wizard that automatically calculates the optimal cutting conditions, taking into account the toolpath, stock and tool material and machine specifications.

InventorCAM offers a free full version 30-day trial. Download and experience the benefits of the powerful InventorCAM solution. Watch the InventorCAM Professor videos as you evaluate the InventorCAM functions.

- Saves 70% and more in machining time and dramatically extends the cutting tools life
- Seamlessly integrated in Inventor, with full toolpath associativity to the Inventor model
- Supports all CNC applications, including iMachining 2D, iMachining 3D, 2.5D Mill, 3D Mill/HSM, Indexial and Sim. 4/5 axes Milling, Turning and advanced Mill-Turn for Multi-Turret and Multi-Spindle CNC machines.


包含语言:简体中文, 繁体中文, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese,Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish


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