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Marked 2.5.21 MacOSX

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Marked 2x | Mac Os X | 7.5 MB

Marked is a previewer (not an editor) for MultiMarkdown, Markdown, Text and HTML files, as well as a collection of tools for writers of all ilk. It watches your document for changes, updating the preview any time the file is saved. With a full set of customization options and preview styles, Marked adds an ideal “live” Markdown preview to any text editor and a powerful set of tools to your writing workflow.

Markdown (John Gruber) is a plain-text formatting syntax that you can use anywhere you can type. Many applications are becoming aware of it, and Marked helps you make it work everywhere. Marked uses MultiMarkdown (Fletcher Penney), a superset that adds additional capabilities including metadata, tables and footnotes.

You can also use a custom processor with Marked, making it compatible with any form of Markdown or even other languages such as Textile.

Requirements: Mac OS X 10.7 or later

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  1. 注册码工具按generate之后在Result那里会显示一个勾,但是没找到哪里有激活码
    jty20054年前 (2015-01-08)
  2. 博主提供一下最新的2.2版本,谢谢!
    Edge4年前 (2014-03-27)