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Abelssoft Tagman 2018 4.22 Multilingual

Abelssoft Tagman 2018 v4.1 + Portable
Abelssoft Tagman是一款音乐管理软件。只需按下一个按钮就能自动整理您的音乐库。添加缺失的标题,艺术家,专辑等到您的MP3文件的ID3标签。创新的指纹识别技术:使用TagMan创新的指纹识别技术在您的收藏创建的每个轨道的指纹,并与一个大的在线数据库进行比较。

Abelssoft Tagman 2018 v4.x | 27.7/30.4 MB

Organize your music library with just a button press. Tagman just needs one click to add titles, artists, albums and more to the id3 tag of your mp3 files. These are read by all common media players to display information about the song you're listening to. 

Real superheroes save the world. TagMan prefers to save your music collection.

Organize your Collection
More and more people keep their collection digitally on the hard drive. These collections grow in a fast fashion so you easily loose track of every single song.
Computers, mobile media players and your home cinema will try to read the meta-information of the files played. Unless they don't exist.
This is where the TagMan unleashes his real power. He can find information about every song on the internet and add missing data to the files.

Comfortable Fingerprint-technology
Tagman 2015 analyses every song in your collection and generates a fingerprint. This data is compared with the fingerprints stored in a big database in the internet. If Tagman finds a match, the missing information is added to the file.

Add missing covers
Modern media players (software and hardware) are able to show a cover of the album the current track is released on. This cover is also saved in the ID3 tag. Tagman is able to search for missing covers and add them to the songs.

Keep control with the validation mode
Tagman is set up to automatically store changes that will be made in the metadata of songs. You can accept these changes with just one click. This way you can prevent wrong changes in the files. An icon in the list of files indicates whether a change is recommended or already done.

Edit several tracks at the same time
Especially in big libraries you simply do not have the time and energy to take care of every single file on its own. Tagman supports you by editing a huge amount of files at the same time. This way you can accept several changes in the meta information at once.

OS: Windows 7, 8, 10

Homepage - https://www.abelssoft.de

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