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Information Architecture

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Information Architecture
Information Architecture
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In this age of information, it’s not always easy to know how content should be structured - everyone has a different perspective. In this course, you’ll learn about information architecture: what it is, and how it relates to web design and user experience. We’ll learn about the fundamentals of IA components like navigation, labeling, and content organization, as well as techniques to test and evaluate existing website structure. By the end, you’ll know how to organize website content and provide a clear, logical experience for any user.

What you'll learn

Understand the concept of information architecture and its relevance to website design and user experience
Evaluate a website’s content hierarchy to improve its organization and structure to benefit user needs
Recognize the standards utilized in Information Architecture and how to apply them

Information Architecture


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  1. 信息架构 在这个信息的时代,了解内容是如何结构的并不容易,因为每个人都有不同的角度。在本教程中,你将学习信息架构:其内涵,以及其如何与web设计和用户体验之间的关系。我们将学习IA组件的基础内容,如导航、标签和内容组织,以测试和评估已有网站结构的技术。学习完本教程,你将了解如何组织网站内容并为任何用户提供一个清晰的,具有逻辑性的体验。 主要内容: • 理解信息架构的概念及其与网站设计和用户体验之间的关系 • 评估网站内容层级,改善其组织和结构以满足用户需求 • 承认信息架构所使用的标准以及如何应用