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PTC Creo Expert Moldbase Extension 9.0 M020

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许多模具制造者依赖于 2D CAD 方法来设计模架。因此,PTC Creo Expert Moldbase Extension 提供了一个理想的解决方案。此软件基于过程并且易于学习,它使模具制造者能在熟悉的 2D 环境中工作,同时利用 3D 的所有强大功能和优点,从而显著地缩短了提前期。


  • 通过由过程驱动的简单工作流自动完成模架设计和细化,从而加快设计速度
  • 包含 17 种模架/组件(例如螺钉、顶杆、滑块、冷却接头)的供应商的库
  • 自动顶杆、水线和接头功能,自动完成流道和水线检查
  • 通过 3D 环境消除了许多错误,从而防止了昂贵的返工开销并缩短了周期时间
  • 通过自动更新模具模型、绘图和电极减少了对重新设计的需求


PTC Creo Expert Moldbase Extension 9.0  | 298.7 mb

PTC Inc., company specializing in 2D & 3D design software, product lifecycle management (PLM) and service management solutions, has released the 9.0 Build F000 version of Creo Expert Moldbase Extension (EMX). This Extension supports the efficient design of injection mold tools and as an ideal addition to Creo Elements/Pro Tool Design Option (TDO).

About PTC

PTC enables manufacturers to achieve maximum value from their product strategies with software and services designed to optimize key business processes throughout the entire product lifecycle - from conception and design to sourcing and service. PTC's integral solution portfolio enables customers to unleash product innovation, improve collaboration and ensure product data integrity within engineering and across the enterprise, supply chain and service partner networks. Founded in 1985, PTC employs over 6,000 professionals serving more than 27,000 customers worldwide.

PTC Creo Expert Moldbase Extension 9.0 F000

Name: Creo Expert Moldbase Extension (EMX)
Version: 9.0 
Interface: multilanguage
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7even / 8 / 8.1
System Requirements: Creo Parametric 2.0 or 3.0
Size: 298.7 mb

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