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JavaScript Basics: Parts I and II

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JavaScript Basics: Parts I and II

 JavaScript Basics: Parts I and II

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JavaScript Basics: JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners I and II provides you with all of the training you need to build world-class web applications. Begin with JavaScript basics, including control statements, functions, arrays, objects, events, CSS, DOM, and more. Then, master scripting with XML and RSS, and finish by learning to build the rich Ajax applications that are taking the Web by storm!

Your instructor, Paul Deitel, delivers over 14 hours of world-class video training. Using the Deitels' signature "live-code" approach, Paul teaches by analyzing complete working programs, not trivial code fragments.

JavaScript Basics: Parts I and II
JavaScript Basics: Parts I and II

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  1. JavaScript初学者基础教程I和II,为你准备了打造世界级web应用的所有培训知识。开始会学习到JavaScript的基础,包括控制语句、函数、队列、对象、时间、CSS、DOM等。然后,会通过学习开发一个Ajax应用来学习使用XML和RSS脚本控制。 本教程是 Paul Deitel(即蚂蚁书)的配套教程
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