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Starus Office Recovery 2.5 Multilingual

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Starus Office Recovery 1.0 Multilingual

Starus Office Recovery将恢复存储在无法访问,损坏或格式化的分区删除的文件和档案。 支持存储卡和闪存驱动器可以快速恢复的文件与外部和可移动介质。 该计划支持的文档,电子表格和微软Office和OpenOffice的应用,包括DOC / DOCX,XLS / XLSX,RTF,HTML和其他许多人创建的演示文稿所有流行的格式。 还以Adobe PDF恢复的文件。

主要特点 :
- 程序将在几秒钟内恢复意外删除的文件;
- 恢复病毒攻击后丢失的数据;
- 使用Shift键+ Del键恢复被删除而不回收站,例如文档文件;
- 工具会从格式化或损坏的分区恢复您的文件;
- 产品会接触到的任何类型的媒体,即使在损伤,失效或闪存卡的事件;
- 不仅可以找到,也过滤掉你的文件。 文件将被检查一致性,并且你会得到适合继续使用的文件;
- 恢复文件项下的任何类型的Windows的文件系统,包括以前的和最新的布局文件系统的FAT和NTFS;
- 而且产品可以让你恢复压缩文件,由此产生的节省空间,在同一个文件系统的NTFS;
- 该计划恢复和中​​期(临时)的Office文档文件,当你需要恢复未保存的过程中一个文件,很方便;
- 除了所有程序可以让你看到被删除的文件的文件而不做他们的恢复,并且不需要在自己的办公应用软件的安装;
- 用于安全数据恢复支持创建和从备份介质中进一步复苏。

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Starus Office Recovery 2.x Multilingual | 8 MB

Starus Office Recovery will recover deleted documents and files stored on inaccessible, broken or formatted partitions. Support for memory cards and flash drives can quickly recover documents with external and removable media. The program supports all popular formats of documents, spreadsheets and presentations created by applications of Microsoft Office and OpenOffice, including DOC / DOCX, XLS / XLSX, RTF, HTML and many others. Also restored files in Adobe PDF.

Key features:
- program will recover in a few seconds accidentally deleted documents;
- Recover data lost after a virus attack;
- restore document files deleted without Recycle Bin , for example using Shift + Del keys;
- tool will return your documents from formatted or corrupted partitions;
- product will approach to any type of media , even in the event of damage , failure or flash memory card ;
- not only find , but also filter out your documents . Files will be checked for consistency , and you will get the documents suitable for further use;
- restore the documents under any types of file systems of Windows, including the previous and the latest layout file systems FAT and NTFS;
- moreover product allows you to restore compressed files , the resulting space savings , in the same file system NTFS;
- The program recovers and interim (temporary) office document files , which is handy when you need to recover a document that was not saved in the process;
- in addition to all the program allows you to see deleted files documents without making their recovery , and does not require installation on your own office applications;
- for secure data recovery supports the creation and further recovery from backup media.

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