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Lynda – Android SDK Essential Training

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Lynda - Android SDK Essential Training
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David Gassner describes everything you need to know to get started building Android apps with Google's Android SDK and Developer Tools. Starting with a brief look at Android's history, the course takes you through installing the ADT Bundle with the Eclipse IDE, preparing your devices (both real and virtual) for testing, and creating your first Android project. Then learn how to lay out screens and manage an app's flow with intents and activities, define the user interface and navigation, and make your app interactive. David also concentrates on making sure your app is responsive, can adapt to multiple screen sizes, and store and display data.

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  1. Lynda - Android SDK基础教程 David Gassner会讲到使用Google 的Android SDK和开发者工具,需要开始开发Android app所需要的所有知识。开始会简单介绍一下Android 的历史,然后会带你使用Eclipse IDE安装ADT套件,准备你的设备(真正的和虚拟的)用于测试,创建你的第一个Android项目。然后,学习如何布局以及使用intent和activity管理app的流程,定义用户界面和导航,为app添加互动。David还会讲到app的响应式,以令你的app能够适合于任何屏幕的大小以存储和显示数据。
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