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Expert Masking In After Effects

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Expert Masking In After Effects

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Adobe After Effects is a great tool, but how do you do all of those fancy tricks that the professionals use? What if you want to mask a moving object or just do something custom? Turns out that you can do those expert masking tricks, and Christopher Kenworthy is going to walk you through everything you need to know. By the end of this course, you’ll be knocking out fancy masking moves in After Effects like it’s nothing at all.

Expert Masking In After Effects include :
Welcome 2m 26s
Introduction To Masking 2m 26s

Drawing Masks 36m 48s
Pen Tool Basics 8m 18s
Drawing Curved Lines 8m 12s
Modifying Masks 8m 52s
Advanced Mask Drawing 11m 26s

Creative Masking 22m 16s
Creating Masks From Paths 8m 26s
Combining Masks 7m 4s
Drawing With Shapes 6m 46s

Mask Feathering 22m 42s
Feathering Your Mask 6m 46s
Variable Mask Feathering 9m 48s
Inner and Outer Feathering 6m 8s

Animating Masks 28m
Rough Mask Animation 11m 20s
Animated Feathering 10m 26s
Advanced Mask Animation 6m 14s

Automated Masking 30m 54s
Introduction To Rotobrush 12m 4s
Advanced Rotobrush 10m 6s
Expert Masking With Mocha 8m 44s

Expert Masking In After Effects (repost)

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