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PDF To JPG Converter 3.1

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PDF To JPG Converter是一款WINDOWS平台下的PDF转图片的转换软件。它支持将PDF文件转换成JPG,BMP,TIF,GIF,PNG等格式。同时PDF To JPG Converter也支持让用户定义转换页范围,以及输出图片的DPI参数。

PDF To JPG Converter 3x | 11.6 Mb

PDF To JPG Converter is a windows utility that quickly converts PDF Files into JPG,BMP,TIF,GIF,PNG Images. With PDF To JPG Converter users can also convert PDF to JPG in page range, and set the output image DPI.

PDF is the most common format in business electronic document field. People create eBooks, send internet faxes, and build reports via PDF documents. Sometimes you may want to use the PDF resources for a PPT file or a website, so the easiest way is convert PDF to JPG files by PDF To JPG Converter. The program will convert multi PDF files to images in batch mode. PDF To JPG Converter also supports high DPI conversion for the High Quality printing.

PDF To JPG Converter Features & Benefits:

Convert PDF To JPG/JPEG Images
-PDF To JPG Converter allows users to convert PDF to JPG images, so that users will be able to use the PDF information on website, or read the content without PDF readers.

Export PDF To High Quality Images
-By modifying the DPI setting to a high number, PDF To JPG Converter will export large and high quality images from PDF. Users can use the exported high quality images for printing or publishing ads.

Batch Mode
-Users can add hundreds of PDF documents from a folder, or drag them and drop to the file list. PDF To JPG Converter will convert PDFs to images in separate folders.

Fast Conversion
-PDF To JPG Converter has a fast conversion engine which will convert PDF docs 180% faster than other normal PDF converters. Saving time is saving money.

More Output Formats
-Converting PDF to JPG is not the only function of PDF To JPG Converter. The program also supports to convert PDF to TIF, PNG, GIF and BMP formats. Users have much more options for the final converted image format with this converter.

OS : Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP
Language : English

Home Page - http://www.pdftojpgconverter.com/

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