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Enshrouded World-CODEX

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《笼罩世界》(Enshrouded World)是一款由Brandon Gallo负责开发并且负责发行的带有冒险以及卡通元素的角色扮演类游戏。笼罩世界具有非线性的进展和生存要素不见体裁直到现在。这些特点互相恭维,并努力建立一个强大的球员和气垫船之间的关系,必须保持生存。

Enshrouded World is a vehicular combat experience that features non-linear progression and survival elements not seen in the genre until now. These features complement each other and work to build a strong relationship between player and hovercraft that must be maintained in order to survive.


  • Enshrouded World breathes new life into vehicular combat, a genre consisting mostly of action orientated racing games by incorporating survival elements and a unique approach to the way in which the player progresses through the world.
  • The key components of Enshrouded World’s gameplay are combat, exploration, survival and management which are intertwined by a central relationship between the player and their hovercraft. Resources important to the player’s survival are scattered throughout environments that may only be scavenged outside the safety of the hovercraft. In this vulnerable state the player must manage their time wisely as a finite amount of oxygen and dramatically decreased defense against enemies await the player.
  • The player always has a number of options when it comes to survival, confrontations with enemies can be evaded and focusing on obtaining certain items will offer more paths that lead to a greater amount of supplies in the long term. Since each environment in the game is connected to another in a web as opposed to a straight line there are many branching paths the player can take to progress in a non-linear way at the pace they want.

Genre: Action
Developer: Brandon Gallo
Publisher: Brandon Gallo

Release name: Enshrouded.World-CODEX
Size 6.4GB

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