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O’Reilly – Applying and Measuring Your CSS Against Your Style Guide

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Maintaining the CSS for any web site or app can be extremely challenging as the product and the team supporting the product grows. This course examines a suite of tools and processes you can use in your development workflows to keep your CSS healthy and consistent. We’ll run CSS analysis tools (e.g., Lighthouse, CSS Stats, CSS Dig, etc.) on a set of popular travel sites to highlight the CSS issues on those sites; we’ll survey the suggestions for resolving those issues; and then we’ll examine a group of highly effective processes and monitoring tools that help teams maintain their style guide CSS and product CSS. Learners should have a solid understanding of basic CSS and HTML.

Explore the best techniques for measuring your CSS against style guide compliance
Gain experience using CSS analysis tools like WebPageTest, Lighthouse, CSS Stats, and more
Master the best methods for integrating CSS analysis tools into your workflow
Learn about specificity, redundancy, color collision detection, and accessibility compliance detection
Discover successful processes for onboarding designers and engineers to a style guide
Learn how to encourage designer-engineer collaboration around style guide maintenance

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  1. 随着产品和团队支持产品的发展,为任何网站或app维护CSS都是极具挑战的事情。本教程会为你评测一套可以用在你的开发工作流程中,让你的CSS保持健康和一致的工具和流程。我们将会一组流行的旅游网站上运行CSS分析工具,以突出这些网站上的CSS问题;我们还将评测用于解决这些问题的解决方案;然后我们将评测一组非常搞笑的流程和监控工具,以帮助团队为何它们的样式指南CSS和产品CSS。学习者应当具备一定的CSS和HTML基础。 主要内容: • 了解用于检测CSS是否符合样式指南一致性的最佳技术 • 获得使用CSS分析工具的而经验 • 掌握用于集成CSS分析工具到你的工作流程中的最佳方法 • 了解特性、冗余、颜色冲突检测和可访问性一致性检测 • 发现成功的用于引导设计师和工程师到样式指南的流程 学习如何鼓励设计师-工程师围绕样式指南维护协作
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