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Learning Object Oriented Programming with C# 7

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Learning Object Oriented Programming with C# 7
Learning Object Oriented Programming with C# 7
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The course is geared around the idea that you, the programmer, are very much interested in software development and really wants to understand how programming works. You love to keep your concepts clear by practicing it yourself. You are interested to learn the popular Object Oriented Programming language C# and to keep yourself updated about the latest features.

You will start by looking at the C# implementation of OOP. The section will be more about providing definitions and everyday examples. Next, you will learn to set up your tools and environment, Here you will come to know about different type of testing in software development and also learn what is unit testing with an example. You will then walk through software requirement and the important units in programmings such as classes, objects, structures, and interfaces. After briefly knowing about access modifiers and properties you will jump into implementing all these developing a simple bank application.

After that, you will learn about some more important topics like exception handling, events, delegates, and generics. Then you will start looking into the new features in C# 7. Along with understanding what is Tuples, OUT Variables and deconstruction you will also write some example code to visualize these new ideas. After that, you will continue learning about some other new features and see the benefits of these. Ref returns & locals, Pattern matching, and local functions are the topics you will learn at the last section of this video course.

Learning Object Oriented Programming with C# 7

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  1. 学习C# 7面向对象编程 本教程围绕着你作为一名程序员,对软件开发非常感兴趣并真的希望了解编程是如何工作的而展开的。你喜欢通过编辑代码让你的思路保持清晰,对学习流行的面向对象语言C#感兴趣并让你的知识体系时刻保持更新。 你将从了解C#是如何实现OOP开始学习。这部分所讲的内容是概念以及一些简单的例子。接下来,你将学习建立你自己的工具和开发环境。你需要了解软件开发中不同的测试类型,并通过例子学习何为单元测试。然后你将会学习软件需求以及编程中重要的内容,如类、对象、结构和借口。在简单地了解这些访问修饰符和属性后,你将进入通过开发一个简单的银行应用程序对这些概念的实现。 接下来,你将学习一些更重要的内容,如例外处理、事件、代理和泛型。然后,你将了解C# 7中的新功能,在学习中会了解到何为Tuples、OUT变量以及解构,你还会编写一些简单的例子以实现这些想法。然后,你会学习一些新功能并了解他们所带来的好处。
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