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Ultimate CSS Grid Course – From Beginner to Advanced

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Ultimate CSS Grid Course - From Beginner to Advanced
Ultimate CSS Grid Course - From Beginner to Advanced
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In this course, you'll learn how to use all CSS properties defined in the CSS Grid specification, complete several exercise sheets to apply your new skills and create your own layouts with CSS Grids, write concise and readable CSS code, even for complex layouts, sketch layout prototypes in no time using CSS grid layouts, learn the basics of how this complements Flexbox and can work in combination with Sass. This course provides an excellent in-depth look at how to get up and running using SASS/SCSS. The instructor was very knowledgeable about SASS/SCSS and was able to provide explanations and examples that were relatively easy to follow assuming you have a pretty good understanding of CSS. There are many practice exercises included in this course for you to apply what you learn, along with my proposed solutions to look up on GitHub. So you'll get to apply and manifest your skills right away.

Ultimate CSS Grid Course - From Beginner to Advanced

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  1. 终极CSS Grid教程:从菜鸟到高手 在本教程中,你将会学习如何使用所有定义在CSS Grid规范中的CSS塑形,完成几个练习来应用你的新技巧并使用CSS Grid创建你自己的布局,编写精准的和具有可读性的CSS代码,甚至用于复杂的布局、使用CSS网格布局在短时间内规划出布局原型,学习其如何补充Flexbox以及与Sass联合使用的基础知识。本教程提供了绝佳地深入了解如何开始使用Sass/scss。讲师对于Sass/scss非常熟稔,并基于你已经对css很了解的基础之上,深入浅出地通过实例讲解。教程中包含了大量的练习用于应用你所学到的,相应的解决方案而已在Github上找到。
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