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Password Depot Multilingual

Password Depot是一个功能强大的口令设置工具。易于使用,特点鲜明,应用BlowFish、Rijndael安全算法加密你的文件。另外它还可以用来彻底的粉碎文件被创建的文件。
软件的密码文件的储存方式也是多种多样。软件可以储存在你的本机上,也可以储存在你的记忆棒或者是存储卡上,软件甚至支持将你的密码文件放置在 Internet上,这样你就可以随时随地的获取你的密码,你还可以将密码放置在局域网中,这样你就可以和其他用户同时访问该密码文件。

软件允许不同的用户来定制他们不同的选项,你可以在“customized fields”在数据库中增添新的区域。软件的移动性做的也是非常的出色,你可以将你的密码列表放置到U盘或者其他移动存储介质上面,或者可以放置在任何的FTP服务器上,这样如果你的计算机能够连接到网络的话,你也可以轻松的获取它们。

Password Depot Multilingual | 24.5 MB

Password Depot is a powerful and very user-friendly password manager which helps to organize all of your passwords. Moreover, for instance, information from your credit cards or software licenses. The software provides security for your passwords in three respects. It safely stores your passwords, guarantees you a secure data use and helps you to have secure passwords.

However, Password Depot does not only guarantee security. It also stand for convenient use, high customizability, marked flexibility in interaction with other devices. And, last but not last, extreme functional versatility. From now on you will need to remember only one single password. That is the password which you use to open Password Depot.

Your passwords are protected from external access to the best possible extent due to double encryption with AES (Rijndael 256).

The program is very easy to use and spares you a lot of work. You can configure Password Depot individually and in this way adapt it precisely to your needs. It is able to work together with a range of other applications, flexibly and without problems.

You can not only save your passwords locally, but also on a USB device, mobile phone, in the network or on an FTP server. With Password Depot Server you can manage password files in the network to use them together in a team.

Safe Password Storage:
Password Depot screenshotBest possible encryption. In Password Depot, your information is encrypted not merely once but in fact twice. Thanks to the algorithm AES or Rijndael 256.
Double protection. You can secure your passwords files twice. To start with, you select a master password that has to be entered in order to be able to open the file. Additionally, you can choose to protect your data by means of a key file that must be uploaded to open the file.
Protection against brute-force attacks. After every time the master password is entered incorrectly, the program is locked for three seconds.
Lock function. This function locks your program and thereby denies unauthorized access to your passwords.
Backup copies. Password Depot generates backup copies of your passwords files. The backups may be stored optionally on FTP servers on the Internet (also via SFTP) or on external hard drives.

Secure Data Use:
Protection from keylogging. All password fields within the program are internally protected against different types of interception of keystrokes (Key Logging). This disables that your sensible data entries can be spied out.
Traceless Memory. Dealing with your passwords, Password Depot does not leave any traces in your PC’s working memory. Therefore, even a hacker sitting directly at your computer and searching through its memory dumps cannot find any passwords.
Clipboard protection. Automatically detects any active clipboard viewers and masks its changes to the keyboard. After performing auto-complete, all sensitive data is automatically cleared from the clipboard.
Virtual keyboard. The ultimate protection against keylogging. With this tool you can enter your master password or other confidential information without even touching the keyboard.
Fake mouse cursors. Typing, using the program’s virtual keyboard, you can also set the program to show multiple fake mouse cursors instead of your usual single cursor. This additionally makes it impossible to discern your keyboard activities.

Verified Passwords:
Uncrackable passwords. The integrated Password Generator creates virtually uncrackable passwords for you.
Verified password quality. Let Password Depot check your passwords’ quality and security! Intelligent algorithms will peruse your passwords and warn you against ‘weak’ passwords which you can subsequently replace with the help of the Passwords Generator.
Password policies. You can define basic security requirements that must be met by all passwords which are added or modified. For instance, you can specify the passwords’ minimum length and the characters contained therein.
Security warnings. Password Depot contains a list of warnings which always keep an eye on your passwords’ security. For instance, the program warns you in case you use the unsafe FTP protocol and in this case advices you to use SFTP instead.
Protection against dictionary attacks. An important warning in case you are using unsafe passwords. These are passwords which are frequently used, therefore appear in hacker dictionaries and are easily crackable.
Warning against password expiry. You can set Password Depot to warn you before your passwords expire, for instance before the expiry date of your credit card.

Convenient Access:
User-friendly interface. It is similar to that of Windows Explorer. This allows you to effectively navigate through your password lists and to quickly find any password.
Auto-completion. Automatically fills in your password data into websites opened within the common browsers. This function runs via an internal setting on the one hand, and via so called Browser Add-ons on the other hand.
Automatic recognition. You can set the program to automatically recognize which password information corresponds to the website you have called up and to then pre-select this password entry for you.
Direct opening of websites. This spares you the hassle of having to manually copy website addresses and then paste them into your browser.
Usage via mouse click. Accessing your password information may be done super easily via simple clicks with your mouse cursor.
Hotkeys. Pasword Depot features keyboard shortcuts for regularly commands in Windows (“Hotkeys”).

Flexible Interplay:
Server module. Enables several users to access the same passwords simultaneously. Accessing password files may run either via a local network or via the Internet.
USB stick. You can copy both your password files and the program Password Depot itself onto a USB stick.
Cloud devices. Password Depot supports web services, among them GoogleDrive, Microsoft SkyDrive and Dropbox. In this way, Password Depot enables you to quickly and easily enter the Cloud!
Password files on the Web. You can optionally deposit your encrypted password files on the Internet. To access, you can use the protocols HTTP, HTTPS, FTP or SFTP as required
TAN support. In this way, it facilitates the life of all of those users that refer to online banking, securely storing their sensible banking data.
URL placeholders. You can replace any number of characters by placeholders, namely an asterisk (*) by entering URLs into Password Depot. By using this symbol, you can thus match several URLs to a single password entry instead of having to enter one entry for each URL.

Home Page - http://www.password-depot.com

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