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Designing a Mobile Purchase Process Flow with Sketch

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Designing a Mobile Purchase Process Flow with Sketch
Designing a Mobile Purchase Process Flow with Sketch
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To create an elegant purchase workflow for your mobile app, you need to determine what users actually want, and address their needs in your designs. In this course, join Emmanuel Henri as he demonstrates how to use the design and organizational tools in Sketch to create a modern purchase workflow—and incorporate user experience design best practices along the way. Emmanuel shows how to research a user-friendly purchase flow, create initial mockups, and build your design in Sketch using advanced techniques. Plus, he shows how to properly label and organize your visual assets to make them ready to export to other tools.

Topics include:

  • Getting visual inspiration for your project
  • Researching a user-friendly purchase flow
  • Creating initial mockups
  • Adding an initial background with symbols
  • Creating the shipping view
  • Creating the payment view with credit card fields
  • Creating the order success view
  • Labeling and organizing artboards to make them ready for exporting

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  1. Sketch移动购买处理流程设计 要为你的移动app创建一个简介的购买流程,你需要确定用户真正需要的是什么,以及如何在你的设计中体现出他们的需求。在本教程中,与Emmanuel Henri一起学习如何使用Sketch中的设计和组织工具创建一个现代化的购买流程,并在开发过程中将用户体验设计的最佳实践加入到其中。Emmanuel会演示如何研究一个用户友好的购买流程、创建最初的视觉稿并使用Sketch中的高级技术开发你的设计。另外,他还会演示如何正确地标记和组织你的视觉素材,并让他们输出到其他工具。 主要内容: • 获取项目的视觉灵感 • 研究用户友好的购买流程 • 创建开始的视觉稿 • 使用原件添加原始的背景 • 创建发货视图 • 创建带有信用卡字段的支付视图 • 创建订单成功视图 组织并给艺术版加标签,令其便于导出
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