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Transitioning from Technical Professional to Manager

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Transitioning from Technical Professional to Manager
Transitioning from Technical Professional to Manager
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All too often, professionals are given the opportunity to take on management responsibilities based on the strength of their technical skills. Managerial roles, however, depend on achieving results through others—which requires a significantly different skill set. In this course, leadership coach Sara Canaday helps you incorporate the right mix of functional and interpersonal skills to meet corporate objectives, build a high-performing team, and expand your impact as a leader. Sara shares how to make the shift to management by gaining insights on your leadership strengths and weaknesses while expanding your perspective to focus on team results. Her key topics include self-awareness, emotional intelligence, communication skills, relationship building, and group motivation.

Topics include:

  • Moving from technical skills to relational skills
  • Becoming more self-aware
  • Communicating with greater impact
  • Moving from individual to team results
  • Broadening your perspective
  • Building productive and meaningful relationships

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  1. 从技术专家转向管理人员 专业人员基于他们的技术实力,经常会被赋予相应的管理职责。然而管理类角色依靠的是通过他人实现成果,这需要完全不同的技能。在本教程中,领导力教练Sara Canaday会帮助你使用正确的功能和人际交往技能实现企业目标、打造高性能团队以及扩展你作为领导者的影响力。Sara还会分享如何通过获得领导力强项和弱势的洞察力对管理有所提升,并让你的视角集中于团队结果上。她的主要内容包括自我意识、情商、沟通技巧、关系开发以及团队激励。 主要内容: • 从技能技巧到关系技巧 • 更加的自我意识 • 最求更大效果的沟通 • 从个人结果转向团队结果 • 扩展你的眼界 打造卓有成效的关系
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