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Finding Elements of Text with NLP in Java

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Finding Elements of Text with NLP in Java
Finding Elements of Text with NLP in Java
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Natural Language Processing (NLP) is used in many applications to provide capabilities that were previously not possible. It involves analyzing text to obtain intent and meaning, which can then be used to support an application.

Using NLP within an application requires a combination of standard Java techniques and often specialized libraries frequently based on models that have been trained. Developers need to know what is available, how these technologies can be used, and when they should be used.

This video course will start by building on the basic NLP tasks of data normalization, tokenization, and SBD to perform more specialized NLP tasks. You will be able to do more than simply find a word in the text. Also, identify specific elements such as a person’s name or a location from the text.

Learn to split a sentence into basic grammatical units is another task that enables you to extract meaning and relationships from text. Towards the end of this course, you will also be able to classify text and determine the intent of the text.

Finding Elements of Text with NLP in Java

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  1. 利用Java中的NLP找到文本元素 自然语言处理被用于许多应用中,并带来了之前无法想象的能力。他包含了分析文本以获取意图和含义的功能,这可以被用于应用程序中。 使用NLP需要标准Java技术和常用的基于专门类库训练的模型的组合。开发者需要知道能用到什么,如何使用这些技术以及何时使用这些技术。 本教程将从开发基础的对数据标准化、分词的基本NLP任务,以及执行专业的NLP任务开始。你将不仅能够在文本中找到单词,并且还会发现诸如人名或地点这样的特别元素。 学习将句子分为基本的语法单元是另一项让你从文本中提取含义和关系的任务。学习完本教程,你将能够对文本分类并确定文本的含义。
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