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3ds Max: Medical Product Visualization with Arnold

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3ds Max: Medical Product Visualization with Arnold
3ds Max: Medical Product Visualization with Arnold
MP4 | Video: 720p | Duration: 1:23:39 | English | Subtitles: VTT | 1070.9 MB

3ds Max—combined with its rendering engine, Arnold—can help you create dynamic content for the presentation of product ideas and concepts. In this course, learn how to use 3ds Max and Arnold to create compelling product visualizations for medical devices. Instructor Duane Loose starts by showing how to set up 3ds Max 2018 for Arnold rendering, and how to import CAD assets. Duane then covers materials, how to build a material library, and how to light and render your scenes. To wrap up, Duane discusses compositing and output, including how to leverage Photoshop and After Effects to prepare your imagery for marketing and promotional materials.

Topics include:

  • Importing and using CAD data
  • Modifying asset geometry
  • Asset and scene organization
  • Creating and sharing screen shots of your work
  • Using reference images for color and texture development
  • Creating and using procedural materials
  • Setting up scene lighting
  • Rendering
  • Compositing and output

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