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Learn Real world SQL Queries used on oracle Database

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Learn Real world SQL Queries used on oracle Database
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Create reports and solutions using oracle SQL

Data is so vital and we interface with it in our daily lives.

Data is stored in databases which in turn stores the data in tables that contains rows and columns.

There are several database applications available to handle the storage and management of data examples include Oracle, Microsoft SQL and MySQL. We need a way to communicate with these database applications and the language used in doing that is SQL which stands for structured query language.

This course is a hands-on practical course that will build your confidence using SQL. All the queries used in this course are from a real world live production environment except that the table’s database and schema are different.

This course is video based and under 2 hours long with easy to follow real world query examples.

The example real world queries in this course includes:

Creating various reports using SQL
Creating a new table in a schema
Performing count operations on a table
Adding new record into a database
Deleting records from a database
Sorting query results in descending or ascending order
Reading and filtering data from a database

Learn Real world SQL Queries used on oracle Database

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  1. 本教程是一部基于实践的教程,旨在打造你在使用SQL中的自信。所有教程中用到的查询语句,都是来源于真实工作环境中的,除了表的数据库和方案不同以外。教程全长为2个小时,主要内容有:使用SQL创建各种报表;在方案中创建新表;执行表的计数操作;添加一条数据库记录;删除一条数据库记录;升序和降序排列;从数据库中读取和过滤数据。
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