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Autodesk ArtCAM Premium 2018.2.0 x64 Multilingual

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Autodesk ArtCAM Premium 2018.2.0 (x64) Multilingual

ArtCAM 软件产品系列是Autodesk公司出品的独特的CAD造型和CNC、CAM 加工解决方案,是复杂立体三维浮雕设计、珠宝设计和加工的首选CAD/CAM 软件解决方案,可快速将二维构思转换成三维艺术产品。全中文用户界面使用户能更加方便、快捷、灵活地进行三维浮雕设计和加工,广泛地用于雕刻产生、模具制造、珠宝生产、包装设计、纪念章和硬币制造以及标牌制作等领域。

Autodesk ArtCAM Premium 2018.2.0 (x64) Multilingual | 1.52 GB

ArtCAM software is a single solution for designers, makers, and small businesses looking to create 3D reliefs and decorative woodwork.

Advanced toolpath strategies
ArtCAM Premium includes a selection of PowerMill advanced toolpaths for professional 5-axis machining.

Model resolution
Produce intricate designs for creative applications in real time with high-definition relief modeling.

Analysis tools
Identify potential machining issues at the design stage using simulation analysis.

Front and back reliefs
You can create reliefs on both surfaces of your material, which is ideal for engraving applications.

System requirements
Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® 7 64-bit, Microsoft Windows 8.1 64-bit or Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit
CPU Type: 64-bit single- or multi-core Intel® or AMD® processor with SSE2 technology
Highest affordable CPU speed rating recommended
Memory: 4 GB RAM (16 GB RAM recommended)
Display Resolution: 1280 x 1024 (1920 x 1200 or higher recommended) with True Color
Display Card: 1 GB RAM (2 GB RAM recommended), OpenGL® 4.0 compliant and DirectX® 11 compliant
* Enhanced support for Intel® and AMD® graphics included in 2018.1 Update
Disk Space: Installation 5 GB free disk space (500 GB recommended)
Browser: Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 11, required by software interface
Media: Download or installation from DVD media
Pointing Device: MS-Mouse, 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse® or Wacom® tablet
Connectivity: Internet connection for additional library content downloads

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