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The Art of Less Doing

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The Art of Less Doing

English | November 25-26, 2013 | mkv | H264 1280x720 | AAC 2 ch | 9 hrs 17 min | 4.51 GB

eLearning | 2 Day Workshop

Get ready to learn a proven way to optimize your productivity. Achievement and efficiency expert Ari Meisel will show you a systematic way for accomplishing the things you you need to do, so you’ll have more time for the things you want to do.

In this two day creativeLIVE course, you’ll learn to optimize, automate, and outsource both personal and professional tasks. Ari will help you identify which tasks are monopolizing your time and help you build strategies to make those tasks less time-consuming. Ari will also cover simple strategies for getting through everyday responsibilities like errands and paperwork more quickly and efficiently. You’ll also learn about applying the same level of efficient prioritization to your personal life, including how to approach health and fitness in a more streamlined way.

By the end of this course, you’ll be on your way to an easier, organized, balanced way of living.

The Art of Less Doing
The Art of Less Doing
The Art of Less Doing

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  1. 少做事的艺术 准备好来学习一套优化你的生产力的有效方法吧!成就和效率专家Ari Meisel将告诉你一套系统性的方法来助你顺利完成需要做的事情,因此你将会有更多的时间留给你想做的其他事情。 在这两天的课程中,你将会学到如何去优化、自动化和外包你的个人或者专业任务。Ari将帮助你发现哪些任务占用你过多时间,并帮助你设置一些策略来使那些任务变得省时。Ari还将讲述一些简单易学的策略来帮助你快速高效地完成每天的差事以及文案工作。你还将学到如何把你的个人生活放置到同等高效的优先级上,包括如何在线性生活中达到健康的状态。 在课程结束时,你将会走上一条更加简单、有规律并且平衡的个人生活之路。
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